Soap Saver Net

The best partner for your handmade soaps for creating indulging shower experience! Natural Amor's handmade soap nets are made of gentle natural fabric of linen and cotton, which not only lather your soap to generate perfect foam, but also help your handmade soap bar or even small bars to last longer. This hanging soap saver net will save your handmade soap from soaking in water to become a mess.

This is something you want to add to your bath & spa collection or gift sets.

This soap bag fits one around 5 Oz full size soap bar. It is much gentle than the polymer loofah, which is perfect for everyday use with gentle exfoliating effect.

Only one soap neck is included on one order. The soap in the picture is not included.

Place soap bars inside the net and pull the drawstring closed. Hang it from the drawstring to dry the soap bar after each use and keep messy soap dishes away!

Do not use on infants, allergic, broken or too sensitive skin. Stop use immediately if skin irritation occurs. Do not use bleach to clean it. Keep away from fire and other source of heat.