About All Natural Handmade Soap Bars

♥ What is unique about your all-natural handmade soap bars?

Our soap is hand-crafted using authentic cold process saponification. Unlike commercial soap manufactured using hot process method, cold process soaps use all-natural ingredients like olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil. Without heating, nutrients and skin-beneficial components will be better preserved in soap bars to nourish your skin using the natural power.

Not only are the plant oils we use organic and all natural, we also only choose natural colorants like plants and clay, and natural plant essential oils as fragrance. No artificial colorants, synthetic fragrant chemicals and harmful preservatives are added.

Because each handcrafted soap bar is unique, please allow for small variations in weight, colors, appearance or design from the listing pictures or previous orders.

 Tips for using Natural Amor’s all-natural handmade soap bars

Our handmade soap is good to be used on your body and face. For exfoliating soap, gently massage the soap over your skin. Two to three times for normal and combination skin is recommended, and once a week for sensitive skin.

We use all nature ingredients to make every bar of soap but please verify ingredients for allergens before use. If irritation or allergy occurs, please discontinue use immediately.

To make your handmade soap last longer, please keep your soap dry. Placing your soap in a soap dish which drains and alternate using two to three soaps will help to extend the life of your soap.

To get the best effect of a rich lather, handmade soap is better paired with a mesh sponge, shower sponge or washcloth.

Products and Ingredients

♥ Are Natural Amor products 100% Natural?

Safety and quality of our products are valued most in Natural Amor. We want everything green, without any harsh chemicals and with zero healthy concerns. We dedicated to use all natural and natural derived ingredients, and if possible, organic ingredients, together with our scientific formulation, to create a brand that you could trust and love.

♥ Dose Natural Amor use palm oil?

For the consideration of protecting environment and biodiversity, we do not use any palm oil or palm kernel oil, even the so-called “sustainable” palm oil in our products even through its high saponification index makes handmade soap harder and it could provide better lather. Scientists found there is really no such a thing like “sustainable” palm oil, it not only destroys more wildlife, but also allows larger expansions in palm plantation.

Our goal is being Eco-friendly, as always.

♥ Does Natural Amor tests on animals?

Natural Amor does not test any of our products or raw materials on animals. We are strongly against any kind of animal tests on beauty, cosmetics, skin care or personal care products.