Four handmade soap gift box

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This gift box includes FOUR handmade soap bars. You can choose your own. Please leave your option in the notes at checkout. Packed in a stylish printed gift box. Or choose a random surprise box and we will pick for you!

4.3 oz Soap Choice include:
1. Rose Honey Amor
2. Honey Turmeric Orange Amor
3. Coffee Amor (exfoliating)
4. Lavender
5. Zen Amor (Lavender Cedarwood charcoal)
6. Charcoal Rose Fire (Gentle exfoliating)
7. Cocoa Maple Oatmeal (Unscented)
8. Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal (exfoliating)
9. Snowy Pine
10. Aloe Vera Oatmeal (Unscented)
11. Pumpkin Spice
12. Pumpkin Pie
13. Minty Sweetie
14. Oriental Anise Rose

5 oz Soap Choice include:
1. Charcoal Rose Fire (Gentle Exfoliating)
2. Lavender Eucalyptus
3. Lemon Honey Cake
4. Orange Clove Amor
5. Candy Corn Harvest
6. Citrus Cedar Marble
7. Pumpkin Spice
8. Pumpkin Pie
9. Oriental Anise Rose
10. Jack O Lantern
11. Zen Amor (charcoal Lavender Cedarwood)
12. Peppermint Garden Amor
13. Sea Salt Rose (Soleseife, Brine soap)
14. Blue Sea Salt
15. Mugwort Patchouli (for sensitive skin)
16. French Lavender Bergamont