Citrus YlangYlang Bath Bomb


Lighten up your bath experience with our organic fizzy bath bomb! Made with natural ingredients and nourishing oil like coconut oil, shea butter added to hydrate your skin, Epsom salt to sooth sore muscles and detoxify body, scented with essential oils for calming and relaxation. Enjoy the gorgeous relaxing bath with our natural bath bombs.

Approximately 4.5 oz each.


baking soda, citric acid, water, coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, epsom salt, ylangylang essential oil, sweet orange oil, bergamot oil


Drop the bath bomb into hot bath water and watch it slowly fizzes. Hold it under running water or swirl the tub to help dissolve faster if needed. Then enjoy your relaxing spa experience!

Please use caution as the bathtub may become slippery with the bath bombs.