So - you’re thinking about making the switch to natural shampoo bars, but you aren’t sure what to expect? Perfect - you’re in the right place! 

Let’s start with the basics:


Part of the beauty of all natural and organic products is, what’s right for one person may not be right for another. And that’s totally ok! The shampoo bar experience is all about tuning in to your own personal body chemistry and listening to your body - especially if you’re a newbie to natural products and are making the “transition” for the first time! We have a variety of types of shampoo bars, catered for different types of hair. Go ahead and give them all a try! 

Here are a few ways to know if a shampoo bar is right for you:

  1. You are ready to commit (or have already committed) to a completely natural hair care routine. This means no synthetic styling products, no products or conditioners with silicones or any other fancy chemically driven names we have no idea what they mean, and not over-manipulating your hair with excessive heat.  It may sound scary at first - but once you liberate yourself from the addiction to the "fake shine" of the synthetics and the constant heat damage from styling tools and products - you will get to enjoy your BEST hair life!

2. You don't currently over-process, or heat style your hair daily or simply put, don’t want to anymore.

 This means you don't currently heavily dye your hair (or, plan not to). Our clientele with light, natural-looking highlight treatments tend to love using shampoo bars.a However, clientele who regularly receive full-coverage color-treatments, or have heavy highlights, aren't ideal candidates for switching entirely to natural hair care, but can still enjoy our shampoo bars.

3. You are interested in tuning in to your body's natural rhythms and want to help your hair heal the way nature intended.


If you think the above describes you - then welcome to the family!  



Not only are your big box companies hair products full of nasty ingredients that ultimately lead to nasty ingredients being soaked into your scalp, therefore your body; but all that plastic has to go somewhere. Hair products come in plastic bottles that are never reused and rarely recycled. When you choose to use a natural shampoo bar, there is little to ZERO waste. 



The whole ‘transition period’ the natural community talks about when switching to all natural products is purely just the fake ingredients and harsh chemicals being “purged” from your scalp. The things that give you that false, chemical and SLS induced “shine” are being pushed out of your scalp. 

To avoid this, we recommend using our “Mighty Amino Acid” bar, which mimics an amino acid wash and avoids the nasty transition phase. Your scalp loves lower pH, and an amino acid “wash” gives it exactly what it craves. Not only does this replace the chemicals typically found in your normal shampoo, it promotes hair growth and strand strength. 

But as with anything, your hair will pass this transition period and adjust to your newer, healthier environment. 

Step 1: Dry Brushing

The first and arguably most important step in a successful shampoo bar regimen is to start with a good dose of dry brushing. We are often so accustomed to depending on a "product" to "fix" our hair woes that it can  come as a surprise that our scalp actually holds the key to our own personal hair health!

This dry brushing step essentially "pre-conditions" your hair by distributing the nourishing natural oils produced by your scalp. Trust that your body knows what you need - and it will provide it for you if you give it a chance! Simply brush hair thoroughly from roots to tips - and yes, this goes for ALL hair types, even kinks and curls! It's also a great way to work through tangles while your hair is dry (detangling wet hair leads to breakage). To elevate the experience, use this dry brushing time to mindfully "brush out" any negative thoughts, heavy energy, or that which does not serve you. Consider it a little meditative moment of self-care, and enjoy the process -

Step 2: Lather Up!

Choose your shampoo bar wisely. There are plenty of non-organic shampoo bars on the market posing as good for you that are chock full of SLS and other harmful detergents and synthetic chemicals. Always read your ingredients!

Once in the shower, wet hair and rub shampoo bar between your hands to create a lather, then distribute it evenly onto the roots of your hair. Gently massage into scalp and allow the lather to fall down to the tips of your hair, and don’t pile your hair on top of your head (as this leads to tangles). Repeat if necessary.

Step 3: Hydrate & Style Naturally 

Follow your natural cleansing experience with a light, quick absorbing, and nourishing natural oil. 

It is important to commit fully to a natural regimen in order for your hair to begin to take care of itself - so PLEASE do not sabotage the process by using synthetic/chemical hair products. Using synthetic styling products will counteract all the nourishment the shampoo bar provides, and the "purge period" will never end.

So be kind to yourself, and the planet, by committing to a fully natural styling routine. 


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