Six Handmade soap gift box

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 100% natural, palm free, cold process artisan soap. Made with organic skin loving oils and butter, scented with essential oils only, no synthetic fragrance oil. This gift box includes Six handmade soap bars. Perfect gift for your loved ones or to pamper yourself. You can choose your own or choose random surprise box and we will pick for you!

4.3 oz Soap Choice include:
1. Avocado Amor (for sensitive skin)
2. Coffee Amor (exfoliating)
3. Zen Amor (Lavender Cedarwood charcoal)
4. Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal (exfoliating)
5. Honey Turmeric Orange Amor
6. Lavender
7. Rose Honey Amor
8. Charcoal Rose Fire (Gentle exfoliating)
9. Art Decor (made with some soap ends eco-friendly)
10. Sea Salt Rose (Exfoliating brine soap bar)
11. Pink Salt Rose Amor
12. Aloe Vera Oatmeal (Unscented)
13. Cocoa Maple Oatmeal (Unscented)
14. Pumpkin Spice
15. Jack O Lantern

5 oz Soap Choice include:
1. Rose Honey Amor
2. Lavender Eucalyptus
3. Lemongrass Spearmint
4. Lemon Honey Cake
5. Sea Salt Rose (Soleseife, Brine soap)
6. Peppermint Garden Amor
7. Orange Clove Amor
8. Eucalyptus Wave Amor
9. Ocean Breeze
10. Mugwort Patchouli (for sensitive skin)
11. Zen Amor (charcoal Lavender Cedarwood)
12. Lemon Poppyseed
13. Pink Salt Rose
14. Candy Corn Harvest
15. Basil Rose
16. Frech Lavender Bergamot
17. Mint Coffee Latte
18. Blue Sea Salt
19. Mugwort Mountain (for sensitive skin)
20. Charcoal Rose Fire (Gentle Exfoliating)
21. Candy Corn Harvest
22. Pumpkin Spice
23. Jack O Lantern