Autumn Pumpkin Gift Set

Accessory Option:

A gift set perfect for fall! With this carefully curated 100% natural gift set, you are sure to give the best gift of the season! 

This gift box includes:
1. One 4oz Pumpkin Pie Candle, natural soy wax candle hand-poured in glass jar 
2. One 4oz Bath Salt
3. One 2oz Organic Maple Syrup from Republic of Vermont with unique flavor and unrivaled quality.
4. One 4oz Organic Tea  from Simpson& Vail

5. One 4.3 oz Handmade Soap
6. One Bath Accessory

* All items included are packed in a black mailer. If you would like any substitutions, please leave same priced item in comments. 

Tea options:

1. Organic Turmeric Ginger Citrus Herbal Wellness Tea
2. Victorian Earl Grey - Black Tea

Bath Accessory Option:

1. Body Puff (random color)
2. Soap Dish
3. Soap Saver Net

4.3 oz Soap Choices include:

1. Avocado Amor (for sensitive skin)
2. Coffee Amor (exfoliating)
3. Zen Amor (Lavender Cedarwood charcoal)
4. Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal (exfoliating)
5. Honey Turmeric Orange Amor
6. Lavender
7. Rose Honey Amor
8. Lavender Basil
9. Charcoal Rose Fire (Gentle exfoliating)
10. Art Decor (made with some soap ends eco-friendly)
11. Sea Salt Rose (Exfoliating brine soap bar)
12. Pink Salt Rose Amor
13. Aloe Vera Oatmeal (Unscented)
14. Cocoa Maple Oatmeal (Unscented)
15. Pumpkin Spice
16. Jack o lantern

4 oz Glass Candle Choices include:

1. Spiced Pumpkin Pie
2. California Beach
3. Fresh Cotton
4. Rose Bouquet
5. Gardenia
6. Acai Berry
7. White Tea
8. Mountain Rain