Gardenia Blossom Natural Soy Candle


This gardenia blossom has a beautiful gardenia scent.

Top notes: muguet, jasmine, strawberry and grape.

Heart notes: gardenia, lilac, rose, hyacinth and narcissus.

Base notes: balsam, amber musk, woods and violet.


4 oz candle in glass jar with white lid. 


Light candle long enough until a full melt on the top layer to avoid sink holes or tunneling.

Trim the wick to between 1/8 and ¼ inches long. Trimmed wicks will give you a cleaner, brighter burn.

Rough surface after burning is normal because we use 100% natural soy wax. The rough surface won't affect the candle performance.


Our candles are made with natural soy wax. The melting point of the natural soy wax we use is around 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Please avoid placing the candles in high temperature. If your product is melted or soft in heat, place it in cool place to harden it before use.

Never leave burning candles unattended. Please stop use immediately if you have any allergies.

Please reuse the candle jars to be Eco-friendly. They can be your cute makeup brush holder, pencil cups or whatever you like!